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Our search for growth strategies arose the idea "why aren't we opening our own stores?" towards the end of 2000. We decided to merge our experiences on toys with the developing retail world and created our own brand in October 2001:
Toyzz Shop

The first Toyzz Shop was opened in Akmerkez, one of the most appealing shopping centers in Istanbul. Then we took place in two different shopping centers in Istanbul. Our first objective, which was to carry our brand beyond Istanbul was realized in February 2003 when we opened our store in Izmir.

Then, we accessed the customers in the metropolises such as Ankara, Samsun, Eskişehir, Kayseri and Antalya respectively, and introduced our brand to broader masses.

All our stores are opened and managed centrally. The decision on opening a new store is concluded after conducting feasibility studies on the city, shopping center and store area. The inspections are meticulously conducted by our specialized coordination team.