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Social Responsibility

As Sunman Oyuncak, we are involved in many social responsibility projects. We donate toys mainly to the societies for the child protection, child-care services of hospitals, national charities and schools. Among them, the one which has been supported nationwide with a broad repercussion is our "Golden Hearts Act" project.

Golden Hearts Act

We can define our project as the act of collecting the toys not used by children and bringing them to the children in need. We aimed at contributing for the development of sharing and solidarity awareness of children beginning from early ages, and improving social solidarity.

It is difficult for children to share their toys with others even if they do not play with them anymore. By making small surprises to the children who leave their toys to the Golden Hearts gift basket at Toyzz Shops, we ensured the children supported this project. We also awarded our children who put their toys into the gift basket with the "Golden Hearted Child" badge, which they would proudly carry on their chests.

With the Golden Hearts Act, which lasted for 3 seasons, we reached nearly 27,550 children in 5 cities (Kars, Van, Ağrı, Bitlis, Hakkari). We delivered the toys to the schools by the help of governor's offices and national education directorates.

In the project we started with the slogan "Let there be no children left without toys", in addition to the toys we collected, we also presented brand new toys to the students at these schools as the gifts of Sunman Toy Company.