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Together with our establishment, we ensured the entry of branded toys to Turkey for the first time, and we made an agency contract with ZAP TOYS in 1986.

In our early years, we were marketing the products we imported through classical methods. The toys were first brought to regional wholesalers, and then to retailers. This conventional structure lasted for a few years. In late 1980's, we built our active sales team and moved to our office in Acıbadem, which was much bigger and had been our head office for many years. The toys we imported mainly took place on the toy shelves of national chain stores which were becoming rising stars in that period. In 1996, we bought the marketing licenses of Walt Disney for toys and gift products in Turkey and blazed a trail in Turkey. Immediately after that, respectively Warner Bros licenses, Pink Panther, Snoopy and Hello Kitty followed. Having our toys at the most important access points to customers in Turkey where imported toys were not available before 1980 highly increased our recognition and market share. We continued to grow with that marketing network and in 2000, we were representing a total 28 companies and many leading licenses companies with our team of 45 people.

The enthusiasm of the new millennium and our search for growth strategies gave birth to the idea "why aren't we opening our own stores?" As a result, in 2001 we decided to invest in the retail world, which we considered as the sector of the future and transfer our experiences on toys into this field. The first Toyzz Shop was opened in Akmerkez Shopping Center in October 2001. We are brand being a sector leader and having more than 190 shops and approximately 1600 workers today with 100 % domestic capital.

Also in the 90's, we played an active role in restructuring OYDER, the Union of Toy Industry, which is currently the only representative of the toy industry. We are currently represented in the executive committee and spending our maximum efforts for the healthy growth of the toy sector in Turkey.

As Sunman Oyuncak, our fundamental aim has always been closely monitoring the continuously changing and growing toy industry. Sunman Oyuncak ensures access of our customers to quality products that affect the emotional and physical development of our children with reasonable prices. Therefore, we proudly say, "we chose for your children before you". In addition to the products aimed towards children, the rich hobby product variety which we offer for "never growing children" also greatly interest the grown-up.

It will not be wrong to define the 33 years history of Sunman Toy as the "toy story", which initially began at a 60 m² office were we aimed to access model car addicts like us, and currently reached 6,000 m² headquarters building, 800 m² display room, 26,000 m² modern warehouse, and over 60,000 m² retail sales area and 1600 employees as a leading company in both distribution and retailing segments of its industry.

Toy is our way with our expert procurement and sales teams, wholesalers, suppliers, logistics network and employees, and our customers. We would like to thank all our friends who did not leave us alone on this way.

Chairman of Board