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Sunman also traces the web site you are currently visiting, the statistical data of website visits, total number of visits, the number of visitors of each page of the website, and the Internet service provider domain names of the visitors. Any personal data are not used during this process.

Sunman uses cookies on the web page. The symbol given by the provider to your browser when you enter a web site is called a cookie. Cookies can store highly various types of data. Cookies increase the functionality of a website and assist you in more accurately examining the use of the website. The cookies may never collect personal information without your explicit authorization.

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As Sunman and web application development team Positive, we have conducted efforts to ensure the accurate display of our web page on all internet access instruments. Within these efforts, many tests have been held with many internet browsers and mobile devices. Special developments have been implemented on the web page as a result of the conducted tests. Despite all activities conducted, you may encounter certain errors and imaging problems while visiting the web page. These errors will be corrected by the technical group of the web page as soon as possible.

The developments for ease of use on our Web Page are:

Clean URL

They have been prepared for enabling you to access the web page contents through a short cut, and to increase the recognition of the content sections. E.g:

Alternative Texts of Pictures

In order to facilitate the use of web pages by the visually impaired, alternative texts have been prepared for the pictures. Also within the scope of accessibility efforts, data accuracy has been increased by marking special data.

Mobile Device Support

The page infrastructure has been designed also for displaying with mobile devices.

The website has been rebuilt in accordance with the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Content Accessibility Guidelines set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

JavaScript (web applications software language) has been used at certain sections of the web page. The dysfunction of the java scripts does not cause to a direct lack in terms of function. However, in order to visualize the pages correctly, you are recommended to turn on your browser's JavaScript support.