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Our Recruitment Process

Initially, the announcements are posted according to the pre-determined criteria in accordance with the company culture and the vacant positions. At this point, assistance is obtained from the major career websites such as Secret CV and Yenibiriş with whom we are in cooperation, and also from the Human Resources insets of newspapers at certain periods. The applications to our e-mail address are also considered for evaluation.

The positions determined as required for our existing and to-be-opened departments are evaluated in accordance with the requests from department managers.

The interview process includes the stages of inspecting technical work knowledge, experience and the criteria sought from the candidate. The eligible candidates are invited for a second interview with department managers. A second interview with the senior management of the company may also be held for certain positions when required. (Foreign language test is given when required for certain positions. ) At the end of the second interviews, reference searches are realized and if the result is positive, the candidate is offered employment by the Human Resources.